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Charles Vermot saved El Primero when he secreted the plans, parts, and tools needed to make mechanical calibres in defiance of the company's orders.

What is the importance of Rolex Replica's brand heritage in comparison to the new technology that it develops?

El Primero, a wonderful thing indeed. We need to look to the past in order to create the future. It's an asset that we should be proud to have,swiss replica watches but only if it continues to improve. We created the Defy Project to help us move into the 21st Century. Many people are stuck in the past.

How can you achieve this balance?

We want to remain innovative and creative, but keep the prices reasonable. We want to avoid the madness of the past decade and a half, where many brands have gone crazy with their pricing. We also want to ensure that people understand the prices. People are tired of paying excessive amounts for marketing. The new generation wants to buy products that have substance. Our industry wasn't always transparent in the past, but the public is now well-informed because they have access to so many information on the internet.

What are the challenges that the industry faces in the coming years?

The watch industry has many challenges. My main challenge is to demonstrate to the next generation how dynamic it is. They do not want to purchase the same watches as their parents.Rolex Yacht-Master Replica Watches It's important that we can make watches for today. The best-selling models are the most recent ones, even with classic brands. I think people are looking for history, authenticity and a beautiful object that is a work of art. They also want something that reflects their own age. It is a challenge to find the right mix between the traditional and modern.