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Roger Dubuis Replica

Second, the issue of anti-magnetism is often overlooked. Magnetism is a part of our daily lives, although we may not live in particle-accelerated environments. It can be found in wallets, iPad covers, handbags and even in hi-fi speaker magnets. We receive more than 30% of our customer service requests to demagnetise watches.

Thirdly, precision is what is expected of a watch. With an automatic watch, we will never achieve atomic accuracy, but it should not be running fast or slowly when you pick it back up on Monday.

Maintenance is also a concern. A 4Hz watch hits another component four times every second. Over 60 seconds, over 60 minutes and 24 hours, this is the same as having your car run at 2,000rpm every six hours.Roger Dubuis Replica You would need to service your car's engine every year if you drove it like that. Watches are subjected to the same stress as cars, which is not expected. We recommend servicing a watch every three years. With Baumatic, however, we want to extend that interval to five to seven.

Baumatic watches all have the same mechanical specifications. They are all assembled and regulated the same, but only one is COSC certified. The COSC certified watch costs PS2,500, compared to PS2,300 if you choose the non-certified model.

Will we see more of the Baumatic calibre in future?

Yes. The watch will still be a great value, but it is important to remember that people purchase watches because they like the design. If we use a poor-looking case with a good movement, we will lose sales. We need to differentiate ourselves in a highly competitive market.Rolex Explorer II Replica The people expect us to be reliable and versatile, and we can compete with any brand in our price range.

The Baumatic will be the standard for Roger Dubuis Replica movement going forward. We won't put it in every watch as it would be a cost issue. But we want it to become our calibre. And we will continue to modify it. In fact, we will show this potential at SIHH 2019.