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Panerai Luminor Replica Watches

It is ironic that the 2017 Revolution Watchmaker ofthe Year, is technically not a clockmaker. In his resume, he has worked as a research engineer, a university professor and a military pilot. Few can deny the impact that his technical contributions have had on the industry. Guy Semon is the person in question. He has been at the epicenter of TAGHeuer's technical achievements for the past 10 years. Now, he's the CEO of the new LVMH science institute and the general director of TAGHeuer.Panerai Luminor Replica Watches His influence now extends to Hublot and Zenith. Semon has primarily focused on improving existing challenges. For example, he enabled the production of Panerai Luminor Replica Watches's Monaco V4 movement, which is a belt-driven watch. Semon's expertise as an engineer enabled the watch to be transformed from a concept into a finished product. We all appreciate the experience of watchmakers, but this can prevent them from thinking outside of the box and utilizing technologies or techniques that they are not familiar with. Semonto's expertise and never-saying-no attitude has enabled him to break new ground within the industry. (Really, at one point, Semon kept a jar of francs in his office for anyone who said, "no", or "it is not possible". For him, each new challenge is a puzzlethatcan be solved with a methodical approach, and he examines the fundamentalreasonsfor its existence and inexorably deciphersitsindividual elementsuntil a solution isfound.

Panerai Luminor Replica Watches Monaco V4

Semon and his team are once again at the forefront ofhorology this year as they unveil a brand-new technology -- the LVMH oscillator, which will firstly animate the Zenith Defy Lab. It's an incredible technical feat, since it is a complete reinvention of the sprung-balance, which has been the basis of nearly every mechanical clock and watch ever made, dating back to the late 1600s. This tribute is not able to cover all the technical aspects. Suffice it to say that the impact of the mechanical timepiece's development and assembly, as well as its daily operation, is far-reaching.Breitling Navitimer Replica Watches Revolution salutes Guy Semon for his fantastic achievement and for showing the watch industry that there is much more innovation to be made in a machine with a pulse, if you're willing to look.

Aeronith – the lightest aluminium composite in the world – is used to make this 44mm Defy Lab Case.